New Zealand Transport Authority


The Auckland Metropolitan Area is made up of one local government covering approximately 4,894 km2. The region supports a population of 1.7 million people, which is 35% of New Zealand’s population, and its population is forecast to grow to 2 million people by 2033.

The CBD and major regional activity centres are focal points for subregional employment and the delivery of sub-regional services. The Auckland Light Rail is an inter-urban public transport project that provides frequent public transport services to link the Auckland CBD to the Airport via a range of subregional centres.

LUTI’s Role

The LUTI Consulting project team (including Corview) were engaged to undertake a value creation and sharing analysis of the Auckland Light Rail project that extends from the CBD to the Auckland International Airport. The scope of the engagement included the following:

  • Prepare a Hedonic Price Model (HPM) for Auckland.
  • Estimate of the land market accessibility-based land value uplift attributable to Auckland LRT.
  • Financially model a selection of value sharing mechanisms that could facilitate a sharing of the value that is created by the investment in the project.

LUTI Consulting’s reporting to GCCC were included in the project’s FBC which was submitted to the state and Infrastructure Australia for consideration with respect to the investment in the project, which was approved in November 2019.

Team Members

Dr James McIntosh – Project Integration and Value Creation Lead
Dr Roman Trubka – Economics and Spatial Analysis Lead

Period of Engagement

October 2018 – April 2019