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The Gateway Assurance Review Process examines projects and programs at key decision points, and it aims to provide advice to the person responsible for a project or program. A review provides an independent view on the current progress of the project or program and assurance that it can proceed successfully to the next stage.

Given the aim is to help at key decision points, each review is short and focused on the work that is complete at the time. For the best result, a review is carried out shortly before a decision is made to allow sufficient time for any recommendations to be implemented.

Role of Tenderer

Dr McIntosh is a certified Gateway Assurance Expert Review Panel Chair and Panel Member, and is registered in Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and New South Wales.

As an experienced expert review panel chair and panel member for “Business Case Assurance Reviews” having undertaken over 7 reviews in NSW on technical matters relating to urban renewal, transportation and freight economics. Dr McIntosh has undertaken Strategic, Preliminary and Final Business Case reviews making recommendations to the project sponsor regarding the delivery of the best community.

Team Member

Dr James McIntosh – Expert Review Panel Chair and Panel Member


Since 2014