Western Australian Department of Transport


Metro Area Express, or MAX, is Perth’s proposed 22 km light rail network that will run from Mirrabooka in the north to the CBD, before splitting into two branches to Victoria Park Transfer Station in the east (via the Causeway) and to QEII Medical Centre in the west (via West Perth). MAX LRT is essentially a modern tram system using electric rail cars, the new light rail system is quiet and efficient and will be built on existing streets but largely separated from general traffic.

The project’s key focus is as a catalyst for city change, being coordinated with land-use planning with the intention of stimulating revitalisation and new developments along the proposed alignment.

Role of Tenderer

In response to a request for services in 2012, LUTI Consulting (then McIntosh Consulting) in conjunction with the Western Australian Treasury Corporation (WATC) undertook value uplift and land use and transportation integration analysis on the MAX LRT catchment.

This analysis of the corridor formed the basis for the assessed the project’s value capture and alternative funding potential.

The alternative funding mechanisms potential to defray the project costs were assessed against an agreed criteria to ensure they met the project objectives.

It is expected that the analysis conducted during this project will be incorporated into the next project business case.


LUTI Consulting worked with the Western Australian Treasury Corporation and Department of Transport to provide an integrated Economic and Financial Solution for the MAX LRT Strategic Business Case.

Value of Tenderer’s Engagement

~ $100,000

Team Members

Dr James McIntosh – Project Integration and Value Creation Lead
Dr Roman Trubka – Economics and Spatial Analysis Lead


January 2013 – December 2013