Transport For NSW


Transport for NSW (TfNSW) investigated route options for a light rail corridor connecting Parramatta to major centres in Western Sydney. The ‘Stage 1’ corridor as identified by TfNSW is a 22km corridor with 20 stops connecting Westmead Station to Strathfield with a second spur to Carlingford, and Stage 2 extends a further 10km to Sydney Olympic Park.

LUTI’s Role

LUTI Consulting (with Mecone Planning) provided an overview of the high level and preliminary land use, economic and financial analysis for the proposed Parramatta Light Rail corridor.

Further analyses on a range of active and passive land and property value sharing mechanisms and the willingness to pay for proximity to public transport and urban renewal projects were undertaken by LUTI Consulting on behalf of NSW Government, outlining the land value uplift and sharing opportunities associated with the provision of new transport infrastructure.

The final report to TfNSW outlined the opportunities for the NSW State Government to share in the value created from the investment in the Parramatta Light Rail, and proposed a methodology to use the revenue streams to defray the cost of the project. The LUTI Consulting team also continued to conduct growth redistributions on Stage 2 through to the finalisation of the Stage 2 Business Case.

LUTI Consulting collaborated with Mecone Planning to prepare a report to input into the Final Business Case for the Parramatta Light Rail Stages 1 and 2.

Team Members

Dr James McIntosh – Project Integration and Value Creation Lead
Dr Roman Trubka – Economics and Spatial Analysis Lead

Period of Engagement

August 2015 – November 2019

Value of Engagement

~ $150,000