The NSW Government identified opportunities for regional growth and improved services, and how it will deliver the faster rail network. Four potential routes were identified as the starting point for investigation into a NSW faster rail network.
In particular, four potential routes formed the starting point for investigation. These included:
• Northern Corridor: Sydney to Newcastle/Port Macquarie;
• Western Corridor: Sydney to Orange/Parkes;
• Southern Inland Corridor: Sydney to Canberra; and
• Southern Coastal Corridor: Sydney to Wollongong/Nowra.
The delivery of each of the corridors also provides an opportunity to reinforce and activate the role of existing regional centres and unlock capacity for sustainable, well designed precincts around each station.

The first of the investigated business cases was the Sydney to Newcastle Faster Rail Strategic Business Case (SBC). The scenarios selected for economic evaluation included an Improved Corridor option, Faster Rail option, Fast Rail option and a High Speed Rail option.

LUTI’s Role

LUTI Consulting formed part of the PwC project team and was responsible for conducting appraisals of the wider economic and urban renewal economic benefits, as well as carrying out the value creation and sharing analysis.

LUTI Consulting formed part of the PwC project team.

Team Members

Dr James McIntosh – Project Integration and Value Creation Lead
Dr Roman Trubka – Economics and Spatial Analysis Lead

Period of Engagement

January 2019 – July 2019

Value of Engagement

~ $100,000