James McIntosh

Dr James McIntosh


PhD, MTM, MEnvPl, MSc, BSurv

James is an experienced professional with over 25 years as a self-employed consultant and with multidisciplinary engineering and environmental consultancies in Australia and internationally. Positions and qualifications in the fields of strategic infrastructure policy, transport planning, land use planning and land development consulting. Offering a combination of creativity and analytical skill in project assurance reviewing, management, funding analysis, and risk assessment to meet client’s expectations.

Key area of academic research

Alternative mechanisms for funding transit: The influence of beneficiary analysis on traditional transport infrastructure investment.

James’ key skills are consulting in the fields of:

  • Transport Planning and Economics
  • Statutory/Land Use/Development Planning
  • Business Case
    • Development
    • Funding Analysis
    • Assurance and Gateway Review
  • Project Team Leadership
  • Project Management and Client Liaison
  • Stakeholder Engagement/Consultation
  • Project/Policy Leadership and Advocacy
  • Public Speaking and Media

Email: james@luticonsulting.com.au

Roman Trubka

Dr Roman Trubka


PhD, B.Com

Roman has over 10 years of experience working in Australia and internationally in the fields of urban planning, urban economics, spatial sciences and sustainability. He has worked several years in the private sector as a consultant and for his own company, as well as in academia as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow.

Roman has developed financial and econometric models for government and private sector clients in the areas of transport and urban development, provided advisory services on the appraisal of wider economic benefits (WEBs) of transport infrastructure, developed spatial decision support tools for urban scenario modelling and did his PhD on agglomeration economies in Australian cities.

Roman’s advisory services specialise in:

  • Urban and Transport Economics
  • Agglomeration and Wider Economic Benefit Analysis
  • Econometric and Spatial Analysis
  • Scenario modelling and software development

Email: roman@luticonsulting.com.au